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Growers and Suppliers
“More time to grow”

Imagine all of your produce going to one seller, being able to control the price asked, receiving real time feedback on market trends as well as receiving quicker returns for your goods and having access to all your accounting needs online, when and how you want them.

This is what we offer.

Selling is easy with Realtime Flowers Brisbane.
Once you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions, there are only two easy steps.

1. Register form.
Mail or fax them to us at 07 3217 1176, you will then be issued a unique customer ID number and password.

2. Send you product to us with a Supply Sheet
Now you have every thing you need to start taking advantage of this great system. Buyers of fresh product from all over Australia and beyond will now have access to your product in realtime.

You can access your account through our website 24/7 to retreive your sales results, market trends and payment details.

Download our Grading System