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Credit Reporting Policy

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1. Overview
This Policy describes how Realtime and any subsidiary or associated
entity and as trustee handles credit-related information we obtain
ourselves or from Credit Reporting Bodies (CRB).
In response to changes in the law and to keep up with best practices, we
may change this Policy from time to time. Check our website for the most
current version. Alternatively, we will provide a free copy of this Policy if
you contact our Privacy Officer (contact details below).
This Policy applies to individuals (customers, directors, guarantors and
others). It does not apply to commercial companies. If you want to know
whether this Police applies to you, please contact our Privacy Officer
(contact details below).
2. Information Collected
In this policy, credit-related information includes:
a) your name and title, date of birth, address, phone number and
other contact details;
b) government identification (such as drivers licence numbers and
c) your employment history and qualifications;
d) details of credit you have applied for (including type and
e) notice about debts of $150 or more which are more than 60
days overdue;
f) notice that overdue debts have been paid;
g) details of new credit arrangements you have made with a credit
provider (including variations of existing credit terms or obtaining new
h) your credit account history;
i) records of requests about you to CRBs;
j) information provided to us by a CRB to assess your application;
k) the type and amount of credit you have sought and we have
l) records of your offers to act as guarantor;
m) records that credit we provided has been paid or discharged;
n) whether in our opinion or the opinion of another credit provider
you have committed a serious credit infringement;
o) public available information about your credit-related activities
in Australia;
p) information about you on the National Personal Insolvency
Index; and
q) information about court proceedings against you regarding
credit provided to you.
We will collect credit-related information about you in accordance with the
law. If you want to investigate further, the Privacy Act describes the
different types of information we collect.
3. Collection
We collect credit-related information from:
a) CRBs;
b) other organisations that deal with credit-related information;
c) you, from applications and our dealings with you; and
d) other credit providers.
Sometimes we hire other persons to provide services and they may
collect information on our behalf.
4. Purpose
We collect, use, and disclose credit-related information for our business
purposes, including:
a) confirming your identity;
b) assessing applications and accounts;
c) assessing guarantors;
d) calculating credit ratings;
e) managing accounts and payments;
f) recovering debts;
g) communicating with guarantors;
h) advising and exchanging information with other credit providers;
i) dealing with other third parties that provide services to us;
j) dealing with any requests or complaints;
k) dealing with fraud and serious credit infringements;
l) participating in the credit reporting system;
m) complying with our legal obligations; and
n) otherwise with your express permission.
In all circumstances we will comply with the Privacy Act and other
relevant laws.
5. Overseas
We do not ordinarily disclose your credit-related information to persons
overseas but may do so in the course of our business.
6. CRB Disclosure
We may disclose credit-related information to CRBs for the reasons
described above, including:
a) applications for credit;
b) credit accounts and limits;
c) guarantees;
d) defaults and debts;
e) payments;
f) discharge of debts and/or obligations; and
g) whether in our opinion you have committed a serious credit
All disclosures will be comply with the Privacy Act and related laws.
7. CRBs
We may request information from or provide information to the following
commonly used CRBs:
a) Dun & Bradstreet – dnb.com.au; and
b) Veda – veda.com.au.
We may also request credit-related information from other CRBs at our
8. Third Party Disclosure
We may provide your credit-related information to trade insurers so they
can assess whether to insure us for the credit we provide to you.
We will also provide your credit-related information to third parties we
engage to carry out functions such as:
a) managing our supply;
b) managing our credit accounts;
c) assessing applications;
d) responding to enquiries; and
e) debt collection.
Our third parties must comply with the Privacy Act and APPs. They will
collect, use and disclose your information for our purposes only.
9. Direct Marketing
CRBs can provide information to credit providers considering direct
marketing. This information is used to pre-screen potential customers to
determine whether they meet certain criteria.
You can contact any CRB free of charge and ask that your information not
be used for pre-screening. You can also ask that your information not be
used if you have been the victim of fraud.
10. Storage
We store credit-related information in hard (eg paper) and soft (eg
electronic) form on our computer systems and the systems of our service
We take precautions to protect your information from loss, inference,
misuse and unauthorised access, including:
a) physically restricting access to information in hard form (eg with
locked doors);
b) electronically restricting access to information in soft form (eg
with password protected databases);
c) training staff and creating policies and procedures regarding the
use of information; and
d) requiring our third party service providers comply with the
Privacy Act and other relevant laws.
When it is no longer needed we will destroy and/or de-identify your
11. Access
To access your credit-related information, please contact our Privacy
Officer (contact details below). We usually respond to requests within 30
days of the request. If we refuse, we will write to you explaining our
reasons (unless it would be unreasonable to do so) and your options
about the refusal. Requests are free, but there may be a fee for
retrieving your information. We will obtain your consent before incurring
any fees.
There are some exceptions to your right to access your information under
the Privacy Act:
a) if access would hurt an investigation or proceedings by a
government agency; or
b) if access is against the law.
12. Corrections
We take all reasonable steps to keep your credit-related information
current, accurate and complete. You have a right to make sure that your
information is correct. If your details change, please tell our Privacy
Officer (contact details below). There is no charge for a correction.
You can also ask us to make a note on your record so that anyone who
accesses your information can see that you say the information is wrong
(and why you say it is wrong).
We usually respond to requests for a correction within 30 days of the
request. Sometimes we may have to contact CRBs to correct
information, and this could take additional time. If we refuse to make a
correction, we will write to you explaining our reasons (unless it would be
unreasonable to do so) and your options about the refusal.
13. Contact
If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Policy or our
obligations under the Privacy Act, please contact: The Privacy Officer 32
Sherwood Rd Rocklea Qld, 4106 or on Phone: 07 3255 8699 or Fax: 07
3217 1176 or email: len@rtfb.com.au.
We may ask you for details about your complaint. We aim to resolve all
complaints within 30 days. If we cannot resolve the matter in that time,
we will contact you to discuss our investigation and an extension of time.
For example, we may have to liaise with CRBs and this can take
additional time.
If you are not satisfied with our response or how long we are taking, you
can contact:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)
Phone 1300 363 992
Website www.oaic.gov.au